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Stats NZ’s Organisational Characteristics: IDARE

IDARE is Stats NZ’s organisational character. It stands for Inquisitive, Driven, Agile, Resilient and Engaging. IDARE is how we fulfil our vision of unleashing the power to change lives.


Curiosity is a driving force. It gets us asking ‘Why?’ and ‘Why not?’

We ask questions and are intent on finding answers.

We go into things eyes wide open, with a gaze to the horizon.


We go the extra mile, and we’re motivated to do the best for our organisation and our customers.

We use our endless energy to propel ourselves forward – at pace.

Be they storms or sun showers, we keep going.

We’re determined. Giving up is not an option.


We’re light on our feet and ready to move. We can turn on a dime.

While nimble, our footing is always steady. We’re poised to act.

Alert and perceptive, were looking outward to see how we next need to respond to the environment we’re working in.


We stand tall even when the world’s changing around us.

We adapt to the conditions and we continue forward.

Regardless of barriers we may face, we find ways to keep on keeping on.

We’re good at bending, but we don’t break. We’re always there. Period.


We know this is a job where we’re better working together.

We are open-minded and make connections inside and out.

We know there’s not just one way of doing things. We value the wisdom of others.

We act on our word. And when we move, we move in unison.

Be able to engage with customers and to identify their true needs (beyond problems presented); managing expectations.

Articulate your ideas clearly and collaboratively.