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Stats NZ at the Asia Pacific Economic Statistics week

Hamish, a Senior Analyst here at Stats, is a great example of the opportunities at Stats NZ beyond the 9 – 5 working life.

He has recently returned from Bangkok where he represented Stats NZ at the Asia Pacific Economic Statistics week. Presenting two papers and joining the steering group for the Regional Programme on Economic Statistics (SGRPES). These are organised under the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP).

The Regional Programme on Economic Statistics, which provides the framework for the development of economic statistics in Asia and the Pacific, with increased regional funding and reiterated commitment from member States. Since the endorsement of the Regional Programme, senior economic statisticians of the region and international organizations have been convening in annual Steering Group meetings to discuss strategic management of the Programme.

Stats NZ has contributed to this forum for some time including helping set up the regional program.  At the Economic Statistics Week, there are representatives from many countries including some of the least developed countries (LDC).  NZ has a relatively advanced statistical system and is able to provide advice to help countries overcome many challenges they face.  Hamish has been fortunate enough to build on his experience and capability in economic statistics at Stats NZ and is able to utilise that to help other countries.