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Introducing Sue Chapman – Statistical Services Manager

Introducing Sue Chapman – Sue has been with Stats NZ for nearly 15 years, progressing within the business from a Survey Statistician (now known as Statistical Analyst), to a Statistical Analyst – Level Two to Manager. Below she gives us some insights into her current role of Manager – Statistical Services:

I started as a new grad working on the Annual Enterprise Survey (AES). My first task was manually entering data into our processing system, at this stage, we had 20,000 forms to manually capture – we’ve come a long way since then! I spent around 9 years in this team, during this time I moved through a number of roles, building up my leadership experience. In 2006, I took some time off as I had my first child and upon my return, I was given the project leader for the 2008 AES year. Following this, I went on to have my second child and returned to lead the AES 2011 year.

During this second stint at the project leader role, I took an opportunity to move to a new team. The new team was working on developing a new processing system for our economic surveys. This was a completely new challenge for me that took me away from the numbers and more into development. My role was to work with subject matter areas to implement their survey into the processing system. We worked as a cross-disciplinary team, so I was alongside developers, testers and business analysts.  This was an awesome challenge and I learned a lot on the way and had a very supportive and fun team.

From here, I moved into supporting the new processing system and troubleshooting. There was a lot of interesting work along the way. One opportunity that arose was to become an acting manager. This provided me with the opportunity to try the manager role, in a team and environment I was familiar with. I learned a number of new skills over the year and went onto successfully apply for a permanent manager role. I am now manager of our Sub-Annual Financial Indicators team. We produce a series of quarterly economic outputs, such as Retail Trade survey, Wholesale trade and Manufacturing survey. This new role is an exciting fast paced role, with at least 24 releases a year. I work with a great bunch of people, and there’s always something new happening.

My roles within Stats NZ have been varied, there’s always the opportunity to move around and learn more about the business, and wherever you go you get to work with some awesome people, who are passionate about what they do.

We look for the following when we  recruit Statistical Services Managers

The core of this role is to lead a team to produce a range of statistical and/or data outputs to customers, stakeholders and the wider organisation. Useful skills/experience include:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in a relevant field
  • Experience leading teams in a service delivery environment
  • Experience implementing continuous improvement initiatives
  • Understanding of the development and delivery of statistical products and services
  • Understanding of project management principles and processes